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NoirAge was founded to assist burgeoning artists while protecting their works.  Our mission is to find the client complimentary artisans to achieve their desired goal.  Inks for pencil work, editors for rough drafts, computer techs for coloring/ layouts/ designs and even friendly ‘ghosts’ to draw out the story in you.

The best part is no one needs to know.  Our client list is confidential and we have a standing nondisclosure policy.  You can rest assured that your life’s work will remain so.

In this age of multimedia the demands to perform across disciplines can make all the difference in selling your work.

A masterful collection of photographs languishes in need of appropriate copy and layouts.  That great piece of self published literature sits waiting to be discovered for a lack of cover art.

Mastering a single art is a great accomplishment that can go unrecognized for the need of complimentary skills.  Time constraints or just a lack of desire to build a diverse skill set can relegate works to the category of “might have been”. 

Collaborations can fill the void.  A friendly agreement to assist in making a project reality is the most common answer to this dilemma and often its demise.  Intellectual property rights are the bane of the artist world.  Insuring your rights are protected is a comfort that can not be over stated.

Let us help you make the utmost of you work and protect it as well.

Jacquelyn D. Rogers-Baham
CEO NoirAge Productions


Noirage Staff

Jacquelyn Baham (production coordinator & proofing)
CEO/Production Coordinator

Corey Baham (co-writer & editor)
Editor and COO


Production Team

Juliana Covarrubias (Artist)

Jared Baham (Digital Artist)







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